Sent out thousands of messages mostly the same
That love is central to all actions in play
Whether or not you are dancing or explaining science to the masses
Means nothing without love in every way

You could climb the highest mountain
Free all the slaves in the world
But if you have not love as the world turns around
They will see you barking madness and not love

Now the world has been polarized by a lie
The lie defies loving one another
So easy to spotlight it
Giving the press a field day

But what I know and see
Comes from His divinity
Which means that what I write
Comes to pass despite

What I warned about
Has already come about
With more to come, I warn
You need Him now more than ever

In reality, what I have you do not
Which is divinity and the power of God
Because I am the least of the lot
Emptiness becomes me

So now He has come to you
Chosen amidst the little ones
To defy all odds
No matter the cost

So what do I have that I can sacrifice
Since I am and have nothing at all?
I can only give my will and life
An offering acceptable to the Lord

Now use your imagination
Standing here before you is love
How do you think the Spirit will behave
If He comes across any evil in play

Awestruck you would be to witness, see?
His music undeniable like the tree
Love breaking through like the dawn
Before you a hand and not a gun that is drawn

Sadness flows like a stream through me
That any acts of kindness are key
But received not by the world
With love exposed and unfurled

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