Poured Out

The Lord tested me on my honesty
I failed miserably because I don’t know why
I thought I surrendered my will to His
Because I knew I would fail

So I learn from my failure
And I learn that what I thought was failure
Was in fact inability aka disability
So due to it, I am ashamed

With all my weaknesses laid out before Christ
I feel like I am some kind of conduit
For the one and only God of Gods
To pour out what grieves His Spirit

Truly, let me stop you along your way
To say I love you and be on your way
To imbue you with spiritual gifts
To reveal in you what matters most

But have you considered what matters most
Must align with the Lord’s desire?
Not by force but by choice
By your very action or inaction

Therefore, stewards of the Earth
I see that pillaging her of her resources
Is sought after by many and with much greed
Your evil ways are eroding away her beauty

Your chastisement will not stop
Until you come and reconcile with Him
When you see Him
Receive Him

It is with hope that you open your eyes
You do not see the butterfly effect
But your good deeds and actions go a long way
Do them with love and they multiply

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