I took it upon myself
To love God and only God
In my heart

Out with the old and in with the new
Led by what is written
On my heart

Converse with me, He says
Entered into Communion We did
Between our hearts

Now We stand as a pillar
A pillar of fire, light, and love
With the only True Foundation
The Cornerstone of Christ

I have the power to test your faith
Many fail, but those who pass
Do not understand
What faith is all about

Unlimited power under my breast
The power to destroy or create an entire universe
A mere drop to compare
But all that Power
Is nothing and impossible without God

I put my complete trust in Him
Even if I may not trust myself
Yahweh, The Triune God
He, I can count on

Read the Gospels and the Acts
Acts of God require TWO people
Then perhaps with the gift of Understanding
Something about Faith apparently
Can only be Understood through Him

Something one of you
Has the inkling to grasp
That bright tendril of light
Floating right in front of you…

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