Where to begin with my Lord Jesus? Jesus, who is the Christ, who is indeed the only begotten Son of God…

Since I am so small
Since I am but a child
Endowed with Your Holy Gifts
I kneel before You
And only You, my Lord

I stood before You in admiration
I stood before You in awesome wonder
My hands were empty

I made no excuse
And wished to be excused
As I troubled You with the depths of my worries and pain

You listened to my plea
My forty year long plea
Now I am silent before You
Still in the desert… Ever so still

Though my hands were empty
My offering was not any fruit
My offering was my very own life

You accepted my offering
Out of pity You saved me
The secrets in my heart unfolded
You begot me as a heir

You took my heart and placed it as Your own
You took your Sacred Heart and placed it as mine
You took my soul and breathed in it new life
You took my spirit and lit it on fire
You took my body
Blessed it
Broke it
And gave it to the whole world

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