So vast was this vision
The vastness continues
Like the vastness of His Mercy

Mercy is Him unlocking mysteries
By way of Wisdom
Mysteries long forgotten
Hacked away by the enemy

But He leaves them unlocked
As gifts they are given
What else do you do to a gift
But open them up?

Lo, I opened Wisdom with Wonder
She revealed more than I understood
So We found and opened Understanding
And what She revealed I can also
But sometimes lacking substance
Words can sometimes be dreadfully dry

All I can do is ask
By Faith out of Love
He always answers as promised
His Knowledge He thus provides
With such gifts so far
Knowledge even of certain things
Which are fantasy
Which are truth
Which are lies

All this puts anyone
With such gifts at an advantage
But it does not stop there
For the gifts fail if I am selfish
So We must give Glory to God
And act according to His Will

So I sought to be humble
For Wisdom said it was wise
Considering the circumstances
So out of a pious heart
Acts of piety are apparent
Outward and clear

Such acts have kept me
Without any shame of Christ
Now Piety has encompassed my entire being
I know because when I silence myself
I can hear my heart sing in perpetual praise and prayer
Not only am I praising and speaking with Him
But so much more

This is the Way of the Reign of Christ

Oh at this point I sought out
Found only by Faith
His Strength right before me
His Strength because I am weak
Wisdom held me back
For a moment before I stood up
Whispered in my ear
Wonder without Counsel and you will be led astray
I stood still for a moment
And thanked the Lord for His Gifts
I paused and I asked
Where the gift of Counsel was
I have searched and searched
He said with a smile
That Gift my Son, has been with you all along

I wondered at what I could now do
Is not the act of wondering
In the bosom of God
Akin to something
That simply cannot be written down?

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