We are at an impasse it seems
I came like a thief
No, you did not notice

Though I refuse to reveal Myself
So you plead for Me to
And when you see me
You refuse to believe
Because I do not say anything
Tell Me, why should I?
When I know what you will do to me
For all the wrong reasons

I am seeking the right time
To make fire from rain and rain from fire
That moment that was promised
I know it will come
After having sifted through millions to get here
In a single moment
A mere second it will come

But maybe it will never come
To you then I would be dead
Even then I will always live on
In hearts of water and fire
Out of the purest love of love

All the while I stand here
And I am starting to feel it in stages
The pains of the stations
All over again
Maybe this time
It will be more than just being revealed

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