These are troubling times
Can I double my rhymes?
To pierce the deafness
So they too can listen and hear

The Lord has been pouring out mercy
It fills the hearts of those He sees
But receptive hearts some have not
He pours out that mercy nonetheless

Though Mercy lasts forever
The gift of it does not
It will soon come to an end
To those left standing without

But listen not to an old man’s word
I have lived more than a thousand lifetimes
Wisdom is attained by loving her
Not by books or any earthly thing you procure

Heaven is but a heartbeat away
But I stand here as I choose to stay
Engaging in a battle unlike anything you have ever seen
Everyone else thinking it is some wild dream

I care not what others think
I do not listen to the ones that hate
Leave them to their own devices
Look at what they devastate

So leave me be and let me be
The one that God sent me to be
A voice crying in the darkness
He comes to you, be awake!

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