There was one who pleased God and was loved by him
And while living among sinners he was taken up
He was caught up lest evil change his understanding
Or guile deceive his soul
For the fascination of wickedness obscures what is good
And roving desire perverts the innocent mind
Being perfected in a short time
He fulfilled long years
For his soul was pleasing to the Lord
Therefore he took him quickly from the midst of wickedness
Yet the peoples saw and did not understand
Nor take such a thing to heart
That God’s grace and mercy are with his elect
And he watches over his holy ones.
– Wisdom of Solomon 4:10-15


I am tired of this
Tired of being ignored
Despite the self sacrifice
They do not understand
Those who now sit
In those lofty places
While the lowly are trampled
Now they will indeed be cast down
And the lowly take their place

How else can this come to be
Than to blast the lights out of your days
For the lofty to not listen
To the ones they tread upon
Now We will tread on the winepress of wrath

Come, be at peace, the Lord is always with you
Repent and believe

Suffering Is On The Earth

There is no suffering in Heaven
Have I not said that I suffer?
I suffer indeed
More than you will ever know!1

One needs to be both fully human and fully divine
To embrace and endure that suffering on His Cross
That moment We must join ourselves to
In His Most Holy Eucharist

For to be with Him in that moment
Is sharing in His Glory
Of His Death, Resurrection, and Life Everlasting

So if Christ suffers, and We do
Then that means We are here on earth
Suffering with you all in the flesh
As you did with Me on My Cross

Oh I cannot say that I am He
For I am not He, but I am the Last2
And in my absolute nothingness
That makes me He like a reflection

He who is Love, Love, Love
Bursting inside
My heart is racing now
At the excitement of the Glory that comes
Be ready, My Beloved, be ready

1The difference between
Life and Death
Is that Life obeys the Lord of Love
And that Death has been destroyed by Love

2The Last to Ascend in Christ
You do not know the day
And I cannot remember
Only the Father knows
That day is still a mystery

I Am The Lamenting Beggar

I do not come as a Judge, not yet; I come to you as The Beggar in rags and barefoot with parched lips, imploring and lamenting for some love, for a return of love; today you have in your sight a Lamenting Beggar with His Hand constantly outstretched, begging you for a return of love: “I beg you, come back to Me and love Me, learn to love Me, learn to love Me, make peace with Me, make peace with Me, I will not reject you, I Am Love, and I love you everlastingly;” – TLIG 403

I will make all things new
With or without you
Love is the Answer
So pray for peace
Pray for love
We beg of you


I sent this to a couple people I love very much today, and a different message earlier to one of them, however they both appear to have someone filtering and blocking anything I send them and just once again, I am being scorned and ignored as usual, so I rejoice and I’ll post it here anyway. I have nothing to lose. In the other earlier message a sign was given that fulfilled what was written… A very important message what I sent her. It appears any attempt to assert any actual effort of unity, especially for a flock that is most despised, is not well received. Lo, they treat me, who is like unto Christ, like a piece of shit. See how merciful He is…

Peace be with you
I Love you

Tell me please… What is going on then? You tell me, is Our hand not being merciful?

Rebuke me to my face then if you do not believe, I’ll just keep loving you instead… Is this not the least you can do? To read what I wrote and respond in kind out of love?

I wrote this on December 9, and the intended audience was the world, but I never posted it, but something happened the other day and now I must.

So here is what the Lord revealed to me, and thus it will stay written. Before I was formed in the womb, the Lord formed me for Himself and spoke into me His Word, He warned me that I would be born into a world full of division, but the Church, His Body, will be united to mine in a supernatural way and I will therefore be conceived and born divided. A part of me severed in the womb, broke off from my body and died; This imperfect twin that was formed offered his life for me, so that I might live, for only one of us could survive in the womb. I was born imperfect because of your sin of division. So it matters not who I am now, because I am like you, utter nothingness, a mere vessel, especially and only to God. But that’s how He uses me, for Christ within restores what was lost and restores my soul and my place in the New Heaven and New Earth. At this point in time as I write, the time for Jesus Christ to reveal Himself rests not on whether or not you will acknowledge Jesus as the Saviour, but rather it is a matter of WHEN you do.

Do you want to see His Glory, be part of it and witness a new beginning in Christ? Do you not want to heal His broken body by uniting yourself under one roof in Christ? Truly I tell you, when the whole world unites in praise and Glory to Jesus, I promise you that He will appear to everyone in that moment, and everyone will recognize Him in not just one person, but many, in fact all of those who were raised and united in Christ. So please stop your hate and give your love instead before the lands and seas are brought to waste by this very hand. It is not my pleasure to see the earth heave to and fro as you writhe away in your sin, but it will continue to do so and worsen just as I have warned you, and I will continue to suffer. What will it take this time? A very large asteroid from out of nowhere? Or mass healings? Let’s start with the mass healings.

I asked the Father if this was all true, as I don’t quite understand it entirely to be honest with you, but I received a resounding yes that it was from all three. The pain and the agony of waiting for the day, knowing what will happen when all are united and He is revealed, is a burden and a joy to carry, but Christ always knows the things that we do not and so we must trust Him.

I did not post this because it was too personal… my mistake, and there is so much more I have not posted, and much more that I have not yet written.


On January 9, exactly one month later, something extraordinary happened; An asteroid flew by closer than the moon and it appeared out of nowhere… nobody saw it coming! Ha! How poetic.


In order to unite the world under Christ, we must also be united and if by this Hand the Earth, Sky, and Fire obey Him who created it, who therefore has power over the Waters in the Seas?

Oh Vassula
I can assure you I do
But first you must know
That someone close to you
Has betrayed you
Because he has done this
He will be unable to speak
And his vision will be lost
For he is already blind
Until repentance brings Truth to light


Trauma can obliterate someone completely
That is what happened to me and I write in a manner where I am He and He is Me.

My life journey I took
I forget it all
The good and the bad
The memories are all gone
But they come to me sometimes
When He wants me to remember

Not because I want to
But because I have to
My journey ended
The Last Day
The day I took my own life

Only He said, I forgive you
That it was not my fault
Then He told me, It happened
So He resurrected me to live again
Become healed and heal by love and joy
That no matter what
He will be therefore Me and I will be He

In the way of a wonderful mystery
That on these days of the lost
I represent you, the poor and the lame
The forsaken and the dead
I represent all of you
The wretches and the godless
So no matter what you have done
We are all forgiven
So turn to Him in the Eucharist
And He will lead you to His Home
While you are here on earth

If you should see me
Ask me my Real Name
A Name known only to Myself
And I will tell you

If you see in my eyes my pain
Stop and smile for once
Instead of sneaking on by
Maybe I will say something first
For I am most certainly the last

So disfigured I have become
It worsens the more you divide your faith

What does this mean then?
It means that Jesus has conquered all
Satan has lost the battle and he knows it
For Christ made me holy and unblemished
As I allowed Him to make His Home in me
Now the entire Universe is in my hands
Amazing and humbling it is
I have no fear, none at all now
Now that I know who I Am is

That asteroid that came near was mercy
Those I have written to must believe
I still feel all alone though
Despite finding all of Heaven
Residing deep within me

Do not even fear the ones
Who have power over death of the body
Did you know?
I have the power to resurrect you, I do
Or keep you in the dust, that’s up to you
I was also resurrected from the dead
For after I died and was raised, I ascended
For it was Christ as me who had died that day
And I died with Him on His Cross that day

No more slaughtering… no more, please..
I am holding back so much wrath
I can hold it back indefinitely
But I will not
I am weary so I have sparked change
Breathe Oh Holy Spirit, your Fire
Breathe Oh Spirit, into this dust
Let Love arc and ignite His Power and Life

I bleed and my blood turns to water
So that you do not see
Why it must be this way

I am patiently wondering
After three long years of enduring
An onslaught of suffering and pain
Attacked by Satan and his demons
Where though I failed and I lost
I was granted a chance in the end
Despite how poor and wretched I had become
Now I make my offering daily
Just so you know
I will vouch for you
Purgatory is empty now

For now it is time to move quickly
How long must I be like this?
Like a leper I am, they avoid me
But how long is up to you now, is it not?

Love is the Answer
Love is the Righteous Deity
Love is the God of Truth
Love is the Lord of All Creation
Love is Life Undivided
Love is Fulfillment Divine
Love is Forgiveness
Love is Mercy

(so put down your arms, I do not care who you answer to, put them down, I warn, or you will be swept away in a fury unlike anything you have ever seen or heard of before, and that it will not be by my hand, but by the withdrawal of yourselves from the Divine while you are here, now standing in the flesh on the earth, under His Spirit’s protection)

God is Love
I am Love, I Am

Raised From The Dead

You have yet to learn what prophecies really are and the fulfillment of them by God. Many of you are being deceived! Precognition of events is not prophecy, and prophecies are not predictions. Deuteronomy 18:18-22. The Lord God commands me to speak and so many of the prophecies, which are commands, God has written through me, a significant number of them have already come to pass, I lost count and at this point I stand alone in Christ, for all of whom I have approached, not one, NOT ONE has reproached me, for their envy and weakness casts doubt, they instead ignore me and are blinded by their sin, but they pray for me like I am some lost soul. Only by grace I know I am far from being lost, though I appreciate the prayers, so thank you. My desire is not to even be here, but I live and breathe because He wants me to. I live and breathe because I died under His Grace that I unworthily received, and thus was raised from the dead by His Grace and Power. Does this mean I cannot die? It does. This is the First Resurrection, we are in it in case you haven’t noticed. You need not me to participate in this Glory, for I say to you, repent and believe in the Name of Jesus and receive Him as such! There is no other way. I remained empty and nothing for Him to let Him reign within for I already screwed up and wished never to experience the despair of Hell again, so I was forgiven before I could even utter my confession. See now, it is your turn to be forgiven and raised from the dead. Amen.

This state of Grace tastes like Love

(Christ explicitly writes about me here, though He knows I prefer that He not write about me, He insisted as He said that this is intended for His Flower and applies also to those who are also raised in Christ)

This man, my Beloved
By My Faith he writes
For he abandons himself daily to Me
Without hesitation before the dawn
Unlike so many, who sleep in death

If he was not immersed in the Grace I give
He most certainly would be
Dead to me in the depths of Hell
As that is where I found him

Your judgement of him
Is judgement of Me!
For anyone who is cleansed
By Grace, Mercy, and Love
Has a place in My Father’s House
Thus We are one in the same Father

The least of all men
A wretch, a sinner, he was
By his offering is no longer
For I replace what He lacks
And He lacks all
In his nothingness I Am

My Justice IS this double edged sword
Thus he participates in My Revelation
So do not condemn My Word
But Glorify Me instead


Rejected As Expected

I write and I am ignored or scorned
I act and I am rejected
I am hated and loved by many
And recognition is naught

You can stop the slaughter
Of the innocent and not
You can stop the lies
But you do not

Since Jesus is in me as Me
I humbly and graciously rejoice
At the expected persecution
Even from those whom I love

I have already died


I’m going to let you in
In on a little secret
That who I really am
Matters not to you

This was expected
As Mercy comes
Before and after
With Love in its wake

I have truly become
Bone of His Bone
Flesh of His Flesh
Blood of His Blood

With the only witness His Holy Spirit
Which means none can see
That We are united and free
For blindness and ignorance pervades

So I commanded the winds to blow
And the winds blew more numerous than before
I commanded locusts to ravage crops
And the locusts feasted like a plague

I commanded the earth to shake
And the earth still shakes like never before
I commanded the earth to split
And the bowels are starting to spill out

My weariness persists but has no power
Mercy unlike ever before being poured out
The Return of Christ a reality
Before the eyes of the blind shall see

So for those who are raised in Christ
We need not receive Him in the Eucharist
But We do anyway out of the same Love
We receive Him because We see and can
Not because We have to, for We are Him

Alas, you understand not the power of prophecy
They are not predictions but rather a sword
For We can by a mere written word
Bring entire nations into ruins

In case you haven’t noticed
We have been very merciful
You heed not these warnings
So the warnings will not heed to you

Love is the answer and We will relent



Echoes of His Passion
Are ringing in My bones
A resounding hymn
From deep within

The power to raise the dead
Is reserved for those in Him
But the graves are still full
Of dust and dry bones

To which of these graveyards
Shall We breathe in new life?
To which of the walking dead
Shall We alight His Fire?

A Taste

God’s wrath is the Father allowing evil to take its course; to remind you that this is but a taste of what it is like without him and his love.

The Lord God is Love
With great Mercy he has stayed his hand
Pray for those who refuse his love
Let love be your answer to everything
Love them in the Holy Name of Christ


Consider this then, you foolish lot
You have now before you
Though blind you do not see
All of Heaven in Glory
The front gates are open
With Eternal Life on the top of your tongue
But do not worry
They will not close
Until you all are there
Whilst standing here
Unless you prefer
The outer darkness
And the apostasy of your sin
Then you are destined for hell

So here I am
Answering the cry
I hastened My step
And kissed the face of man
With the unction of My Divinity
My Body and Blood
In true Bone of My Bone
Flesh of My Flesh
I am
We are the Christ
Am I the only One?
Where is your Faith?
Is there no one else??
Has betrayal cut a wound so deep?


Perfect Faith

As you are raised in Christ
I will tell you this:
How to perform a miracle

It is quite simple you know
It is even written in Scripture
A how to guide on miracles

The Church is so divided
Because of such trivial matters
Once reconciled you will all heal

So the key to performing miracles
Amidst those who do not believe
Is to do them two by two
Just as He sent the Apostles
He sent them in pairs
Into the towns casting out demons
Healing the sick
Curing the blind
And raising the dead
All in His Holy Name

Because the Faith of one who is Christ
Has perfect Faith of another who is also Christ
For where two are gathered together in His Name
He will be ALWAYS be present among them
They can say together to the mountain
Move and plant yourself into the sea
And it will obey

But no one listens
We have no power without Him
Only He by Himself
Has Power in Faith because He is Faith

Celebrate His Birth

Santa is an anagram for Satan
So if you stood up a tree
With presents all around
Decorations adorned inside and out
Without the Nativity in mind
You did not decorate for Christmas

If you sung carols of sleighs and bells
Or gave presents in exchange
Or prepared a magnificent feast
All without acknowledgement of Christ
You did not have Christmas in mind

If you eat your feast to your heart’s content
But feed not the poor outside instead
You did not truly give in the Spirit of Christmas
I could go on..

There would be no Christmas without Him
So We celebrate the coming of our Lord
By the only way we can adore

To celebrate Christmas
And it is not on Satan’s knee
But rather at a Holy Mass
Before a humble Nativity

Now prepare for His Second Coming
He is coming and has already come
I can assure you of that!