DALL·E 2022-08-01 15.54.47 - a very beautiful digital art of the rest of the train

In some way I hope to frighten you
Not to scare you into pieces
But to shatter the illusion
What you see is like a dream
We are but dust in the wind
The truth of reality always fleeting
Since Jesus is the doorway to Eternal Life
There are all kinds of different lovely people
That never understood the truth and the deal
One must be united with Him on His Cross
Before death occurs and this is just the start
For I have tasted death more than once
Yet I live to love and give myself for all
He was me when I died
I was Him when He died
It felt weird to me, but understood it was real
I cannot explain it any more than that
It was something He did, not me
I accepted everything and gave Him permission
Now I am immortal with every love to hope to give
Resurrected in Christ before the final one for sure
What is in my hands now is the entire world
An Understanding of His Kingdom come
I choose to care for them and love them
More than any material thing
I say this over and over in one way or another
My sacrifices not in vain
I never missed the train

Peace and Love

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