Eternally Grateful

She is clothed with the Sun
Symbolic of the victory of her Son
Over death and evil is her victory
May very well seem contradictory
But their Two Hearts are One
United unto everything they won
The answer is simple in your heart
You must begin to love at the start
Do not be afraid of love as it is kind
Strong enough to break any bind
So I bound myself to love in every way
With every touch, whisper, and anything I say
His Love is stronger than anything
It was what bound me to this ring
I no longer dream of the future
As it is already here with His power
What you think you know, you do not
However it feels like some onslaught
To be taken away from me what I sought
And found with no merit to what was taught

But the victory that is won is disregarded
The redemptive vessel discarded
Her patience bears a resemblance to that Stone
Just like that Foundation that should have shone
Dare I say what she does next out of love
I guarantee she is filled with the Spirit of the Dove
So my love for her never wanes
Never played any of those silly games
Though I was the one discarded
My Lord picked me up and my heart He guarded
Now my life is eternal with my infinite thanks to Him

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