Like An Angel

I guess I am like an angel
For an angel is a messenger from God
And that I have a message to deliver:
To read His Messages and to love

Sure, read His message here
But what I am referring to exactly
Is the Grand Message of Love
True Life in God

For I have read them all for thirty years
As I followed them to receive Understanding
Of the Knowledge and Wisdom provided
I was delivered and completely guided

To live a true life of love
No matter what happens
But a word of caution
His Knowledge is a gift and a burden

To enter into it unknowingly will only confuse
For one must bear their own cross with humility
United with Him on that Cross is the only way
An entrance to the Grand Tapestry of Love

The key to it all, to living and loving
Is to surrender to Love’s call to be
A living torch of compassion
And with every touch, imbue love

I have been saying for a long time
Unite under the one name Jesus to be saved
Unite under His New Name to be raised
His New Name you cannot sense with your senses


So for me to even say His Name would be folly
In truth, Christ has a middle Name
Only a very small remnant know what It is
That is the state of the world today

If anyone is to ask who I am
Tell them that I am a living tablet
Upon which God has inscribed Himself
The Words of Eternal Life

For truly I cannot die and not meant to
Peter had it right and still does
Lord, you have the Words of Eternal Life
Now He is with Us always and forever

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