Always You

She taught me a lesson and I did not know it
But what I learned I did not like it
Maybe it was the way she did it
Felt like a shot to the heart but I will protect it

For what is in my heart is far more valuable
Than anything on the earth that exists
I live in the light and a beacon in the dark
I hear between your words your false accusations

What kind of world do you want?
One with honesty and transparency
Or one with secrecy and deception?
Some prefer the latter but will lose it all

Even in my worst moments I felt His presence
And in moments of Glory I give it all to Him
Given the freedom to explore love
What I found was more than what I could ask for

I felt a certain love before and held it close
Want the same for us, but I am such a bore
Open hearts and loving actions
Revealing a new way of living

Under God’s guiding light
Treading paths never before tread
To never worry about anything again
To live as love for love and always you

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