By His Spirit

What do you know of Holy Spirit?
I ask all of you…

I tell you, I know things by His Spirit
Things like what Fire really means

Conviction that spreads by way of Truth
Disputes may hamper It
But if you should try to contain It
You cannot hold back the explosion
It is how revolutions are started

I know things of the future
Events not written of yet
Though the future is never certain
And none of that really matters
Only the present matters
I know what it feels like, for everyone

If the seers see doom and destruction
When in reality it is their own fate
Caused by their separation from God
What else can I do?

But to His Own
Especially His little ones (and you all know who you are)
He will indeed take them up
Before any such devastation should come their way

Who are you going to believe
When you know that God is Love?

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