Bitter Poison is Sweet

I know what betrayal tastes like
It tastes sweet, but turns bitter
Like it was designed to fool you

Like, taste this honey
Laced with poison, mind you
And tell me what you think…
But then just as you enjoy the sweet taste
It turns on you, rips you apart, and kills you
The pain that you must go through, none will ever see
For they think you are gone
And toss you into a box underground
Or burn you to ashes

To me poison has only a taste
So I endure its effects for a while
Not exactly a pleasant way to die, really

And from the lips of the oppressors, they cry
“What we do not know, does not hurt us
And what is dead will never come back to life”

But now you know, the dead can come back
And not in a way you will ever expect

Will you still kill with poison
Whether out of mercy or not
Now that you know?!

If you know nothing, how can you say you are wise?

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