To Forgive

It seems to me that you are going too fast
Patiently you must advance in haste to get past
God grant you absolution to move on past
That difficult memory of hurt all aghast

When I died I could have stood aside
Watch it all burn down to nothing I confide
But under the ashes remain the foundation
That will last an eternity beyond any nation

Learn the foundation and learn to live
It will be everything for love that you will give
Advancing in glory towards the inevitable end
My love to you do I send

Forevermore, I love in return
On this you must discern
What she sung when she broke the record
It was really about the magnificence of our Lord

Love them though they would never come back
Let them go then they are the ones who lack
Forgiveness instead of revenge is the way
Now I do not have any more new to say

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