Rhymes and Prayers

It is one thing to pray a prayer that rhymes
It is another to live in the prayer at all times
Prayers are for those who pray and for love
Prayers are private and perfect for the Lord above

I saw them all, ancient and new, young and old
And everything in between that was foretold
All of them love the Lord and give their due
Granted the graces they inquire what is true

Something amazing poured out from their heart
Miracles one after another from the very start
So I lean on He who is to come always
He leans on me sometimes never parting ways

I asked for a sign and was reminded of my love
Words of affirmation came from Heaven above
Delighting of course in His Second Coming
A Return of Love for Love however endearing

It is interesting what time will do to a Nation
That allowance of the degradation of perfection
That echo of humanity throughout the cosmos
And nothing appropriate rhymes with cosmos

Heaven on Earth is already here I must say
The last to close the door it will be forever on the day
That Glory shone from above to the whole world
It was the Spirit of the Lord that whirled

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