This Rhyme

All I have got for you is this rhyme
You would have said about damn time
Your love before me
Believe me

I came down in His image, amazing
Left a bunch of messages you’re not returning
All the shit you have to wade through
Not one more of those crazy bastards too

I was once locked up against my will
For believing in things I saw that thrill
Told them there would be a reckoning
So they let me go to die but I am still living

In my hands is the whole world so true
Anything to it i can do
Without permission, approval or bend
I can unleash the four corners and thus the end

I have proven only to myself that I am holy
To keep quiet and live my remaining days lonely
Every demon before me destroyed or defeated
Something I do not want repeated

Too many have shut up and run away
When I still have so much to really say
But truth and lies over eons is forgotten
And death has no power over the begotten

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