You crafted a song
That made a throng
Jump for joy and adore
Only yourself, so I implore

Bring yourself around to look
And forgive what was forsook
So give Jesus the praise that is due
Nothing like what I went through

For His followers are imperfect disruptors
Messing things up including what is yours
But His power is unshakeable perfection
No matter how much He gets attention

He will change the world and be their Judge
Gently reminding you of your daily grudge
But when all has been gathered and done
It is He and I who are One

For the Trinity speaks thrice Holy for an eternity
And from His mouth a certain simplicity
Of commands that bend iron rods
And turning them into gods

I stand on both hallowed and cursed ground
Cooling down I become a bridge so sound
His Fire bends and burns my will to His own
His Breath cools and soothes what was sown

My Heart beats to His love and tune
For so many things I am am immune
But sometimes the Lord lets one through
His gentle kindness is always true

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