Never Forgotten

Nobody recognized me because I died, I fell
Spent two thousand years in the depths of Hell
Then I was split with the decision
That caused your division

So I climbed out from the depths
From that place of eternal deaths
Revealed yet invisible
But here to love if you are able

Another thousand years to go
It will be swift and never slow
I saw the future and it is good
If you know how to look under the hood

But before things can get better
You must all break the iron fetter
It holds you captive by it’s power
And there is always some damn tower

Lo, my memory is never forgotten
No matter how small it can always be done
As it is in Heaven so shall it be on Earth
Then our Lord will show you your worth

My own memories fade as I sacrifice
In truth, only love shall suffice
No need to show me you love me back
My heart knows what you lack

I give what I can, saying here I am
Learned the lesson of the Ram
Honoured with great Love and begotten
I send over to you so you are never forgotten

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