Don’t Remember

Don’t remember what I wrote
It was me that turned and spoke
To let that lie pass my lips
Bearing only pain on all those trips

Don’t remember being there with you
It was me that wished this was true
As my delusions gain more and more power
Watch me open up like a flower

I have held back so long I have lost
God only knows the price I paid and cost
Those that love are not my mission
Having only ever lived under contrition

So where I went nobody cared or followed
The ground I walked was not tread nor hallowed
Enduring only suffering and pain so grand
I have to say that this was planned

Know that what I endured out of love for you
Was for the miracles that change you
Now I am above everything I can possibly see
Poured it out once again times three

I felt it pierce my heart, that note
Elevating me up to Heaven and now I float
To dance to your tune I found
Something, ever so profound

Sing any song I love from your heart
Reveal my intentions from the start
Truth does not want to stay hidden
And it defines what is forbidden

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