Candid Warning

Once again I am in so much pain
Living in a place where there can be no rain
I am up before the early hours in the morning
Before issuing a candid warning

Always going on adventures as a child
But does it really ever stop, so wild
Not just imagination but reality in translation
Living a thousand lives in a day, in a year a nation

Able to span through time like a time lord
Settled on a line where I will never draw a sword
Felled only dead trees with my bare hands
Walked even barefoot on many sacred lands

He warned me by flashing Death before my eyes
That the time is upon us as we hear battle cries
Ignored, as I am judged in just a moment
Looking in through time I can see my ascent

Onward and upward toward Heaven I went
All that is Good is available for free, no rent
And goodness is first and second nature
Nothing to do with legislature

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