Unending Prayer

DALL·E 2022-08-01 15.02.04 - A very beautiful digital art of a young woman standing looking out over a cityscape, her heart heavy with love for those who have nothing. In the dist

In my heart is an underlying unending prayer
Of love for those who have nothing at all
I have a plan and hope it goes through
In the hands of the Spirit my message goes
So from you
All I ask is for your prayers
His will be done. Amen.

I should know better
When it comes to this
A troubled heart to start
Wish you could be
My love forever, see?
But as it is, I cannot
Not even distraught
But a loss is a loss
Which is my pain to gain

I never wanted to let you go
But as it is, you never loved me back
That’s okay I still am in love with you
There is not anything you can do
Here, my love is everything and true
You can tear me to pieces, I do not mind
I would rather it be you, honestly

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