Show Business

DALL·E 2022-08-01 21.05.44 - Fill in the negative space with the rest of the cityscape

Show business is all a lie
Fantasy riddled moving pictures
Depicting false dreams of reality
The desire to believe is real

It helps to convey a message
To reach billions in an instant
But they are with the wrong message
Leading them to perdition in every way

Their ability to roll out lies like crazy
Leaves me feeling kind of hazy
Their riches and their wealth as a result
Will crumble to dust as we speak

Escape from this reality using things
Will leave you empty and strung up by strings
Enter into holiness by the Way of Him
To die with Him in awe of His Love

Easier said than done I have said
But what graces are given to the dead?
To walk past the lies with no contempt
To love someone that is not to tempt

Felt the pain and saw the stains
Tired of the ultimatums against faith
Did you not know?
Testing God voids faith

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