Celebrate With Praise

Went to Mass today
Mass is different now
I listened and I heard
In Heaven
Kinda goes with the territory I suppose
If you know you can hear His Voice
Listen to Him during the Mass
Our Hallelujah or Alleluia
Falls short to compare
To the response in Praise

All I can say is
What are you afraid of?

You feel it in your hearts do you not?
It is not just burning, but regenerating
Yearning for that Holy Fire

Come Holy Spirit, come
We wait in joyful Hope
We lavish out Heavenly Praise
All for your Glorious Return!

Oh Happy People
Celebrate this victory these forty days
And fill the earth with joy and love
Bring this earth to a boil with love
Before He comes down in that Fire
That Fire that will consume and burn away
Unless you were already ablaze with His Fire… Are you there yet?

Would it not be Glorious?
I dream of everyone on the Earth
Singing His Glorious Praise before He comes


Now another desert is before Us
For forty more days
Every day will be like a thousand years
Live it, Love

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