Truth of Ascension

All sin died with Him on that Cross!
Hallelujah He is Risen from the dead!
Which means EVERYONE is united with Him on that Cross
Whether you like it or not
You and your sin will die on that cross with Him
He did not pick and choose which sinner He would die for
He died for you all by becoming sin itself
For ALL are sinners
His Passion will come to you
But if you refuse It
Worse for you it will be

United to the Cross, United in the Resurrection
After Judgement, Ascension into Eternal Life
For you ALL will be raised from the dead

The question is: Will you Ascend in Glory with Him?
Ascension is a Gift of Mercy
How can you expect Mercy if you do not repent?
So very little time left now..

I love you, my dear

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