I must continue to write
Despite the anguish
Love beyond death
I said, No matter what

Every letter painfully scribed to the page
Stencilling on my heart an ardent flame
Though excruciating, He comes to my aid
The Joy that takes over, welcome Adonai

So the real question is how to convey
Something amazing about Heaven and Earth
Like blossomed sunrises, sparkling life
Glory in all its splendour despite the pain

The aching desire, longing for Heaven
It hurts more if you’ve been there before
In the Passion, yes His Passion
More desirable than anything I’ve tried

Oh it tastes like Heaven, it leads you there
Guided by Love and forgiveness
Oh repentant heart, open and rejoice!
This time Jesus will enter and stay

So Love one another like no other
Be an ardent flame with Him and in Him
Heaven comes down and will remain
Oh Happy Heart, a Kingdom sustained