I had the strong sense that a massive earthquake was about to happen. The whole day was me wondering and waiting. Night passed, morning came, and everything was very silent. I asked the Lord if He was there but he did not answer, I thought only for a moment that He completely abandoned me, but then I remembered the He said He would never do that. So I waited. While I waited, I was tempted. I was tempted to do things I would not otherwise do. I recognized right away that they were not from the Lord. I asked for help from Jesus and His Graces, though my Lord did not say anything, I prayed that I would not fall from this Grace He has sustained me in for some time now, and He answered me.

The Father revealed to me that I was beginning to doubt His Word because of my weakness, so He wanted me feel but for a moment silence from Him as a reminder that the veil hiding His presence from me is touching my face.

I asked to see His face and I remembered my first encounter with Him. It was indeed in the womb, and that was when He asked me something I could not refuse. Should I write it down I would be disobeying Him, but the goodness of the Lord is greater than what we imagine.