To Die with Him, is to be Raised with Him

The Lord heard me and answered my prayer. I have been struggling to understand the mystery of our need to unify ourselves with Christ in His Cross and how this plays a role in our suffering today. Let me put it this way, how else shall one be raised with Him, Jesus of Nazareth, who died on a cross for all sinners?

Jesus hid from me a truth about what this means and only revealed it when I asked truthfully, how can I love God more?

Jesus revealed to me that when we endure any suffering and offer it to Him, what we are in fact doing, is actually enduring the burden with Him on the Cross, with countless others who have done the same, our part reduces Christ’s suffering that is repeated with every sin, and when I realized this, I saw a large number of Saints, each on their own crosses suffering with Christ, each bearing their share of Christ’s suffering, and because of this act of Love, Christ United Himself with them all, they did what they could by His Grace to give Christ rest from the Cross. I will gladly and eagerly take as long as possible on that Cross, because these moments indeed give Christ rest from His suffering, though we could never extinguish His suffering completely, Jesus is the only one that destroyed all sin. Yes, destroyed. The part that drives me with the same Passion, is indeed about being raised with Him. That moment happened over two thousand years ago, and because of that knowledge, I know that I am already United with Him especially on His Cross, which means that I have already been raised in Christ, so by being raised with Christ, and I always will be, that makes me a Son of God, like many others, and through us Christ will Return. So be it. Amen.