He will lift up the lowly

Peace be with you all!

I know the Lord said to me to rest and wait and it was also later affirmed that I must wait for the Lord, but I’m getting too excited about what the Lord is up to, I am awake. His Most Holy Spirit is moving quickly, and Graces are pouring out from Heaven to earth. If we ever had a choice as to when would be a great time to be on the earth, it would be today. Today, because despite our sins, God still is pouring out His Mercy and Grace, and we must not refuse Him. In fact, I pray that all those close to God realize just how important it is to reach out to others when they feel prompted by the Lord to do so, and that the Lord lavish His Grace on them in such a way that their eyes are opened and they see the Truth. The Lord is calling us to assemble, assemble in the basements, the parishes, the halls, the parks, and the deserts. For he has chosen many people throughout the earth. These chosen people are indeed his Sons and Daughters, Glorified through Christ, Unified in the suffering of Christ, and destined to live as Christ, but yet they are not Christ though they are one with Him, and by being one with Him they are one with the Father and they have indeed fulfilled the Awesome Prayer of Jesus, as it is His Will.

Behold, those who have been United in Christ will indeed subdue the earth. They are the meek, as they will inherit the earth, who else will reign with Christ for a thousand years on while on earth?

Be not afraid, even though my Father’s Mercy will only last so long, His Wrath must and will be great. I am starting to learn that it is only by His Grace that I am able to declare Him as my Father, as He has declared me His Son. Oh the Divine Mystery of Christ is Eternal Salvation! Do not reject this Gift! For the greatest desire of all the Saints is to be United to Him in Everything. So when He allows Salvation and offers it to us freely, do not reject it due to the your shame from your sins, because Jesus became sin itself and all sins were destroyed on the Cross as a result. Do you now get it?  Do you now see?

God will lower himself
Down to the lowly
Until he lifts us up
Wrapped in His Glory
He will leave behind the wicked
The wicked will all perish
He will raise up and perfect
The lowly and the meek
His Children He will raise
Hinder not these blessed ones of God
They have been tasked
By the Father in Heaven
To Witness Heaven coming down to earth
And the way by which you will know them
Is Love