Attacked as usual

Last night I was physically attacked again and again, there were hundreds of demons biting and slashing me so I offered myself to Christ. Let me tell you, the amount of suffering is way beyond my ability to articulate, and every breath was wrought with intense torment. If I coughed it was the same as a death blow. I endured it all because He protected me. I woke up feeling fine the next day, only for it to happen again after my normal duties, though not as bad.

I write of this because I know there are many who do suffer, but they do not suffer willingly, so what happens when you give your will over to His?

I will tell you this, if you suffer unwillingly, then it is your sin causing your suffering, your pain, your anguish, for you have detached yourself from God and are sitting in a stench of sin.  Let Him bring you out of that stench, come before Him and receive Him. For when you suffer as an offering not for yourself, but bear the suffering for others, the Lord will bless you.