A Revelation

This is so much more than about being saved. I know already that I am saved, the Gift of this assurance has given me the opportunity to be bold before God and ask Him for anything. Anyone can ask Him for anything in Christ’s name. Since Jesus and I are one and we are through and within each other, I am. And I have been very bold, for I have stood before the Lord broken and bleeding, and He taught me His Cross, and when all was revealed, I now know that as the Lord your God Lives in Me, He has brought power to my name for His Glory. Ask and it will be done to you, ask and you shall receive. I say bold, because despite my weakness, I know my place in the Heart of God. Satan has tried long to take me away from this Love. He has failed because even he is blind to the truth. No one can take away the Love of God when He has sealed it upon His Beloved.

What Jesus and I bring to the world is Jesus Christ, the only Begotten Son of God, in all His Glory, defeating sin and death and now has come to Judge the world. Do you have eyes that See? How many will see Him and ask for a miracle? I already asked for only one miracle, for me to become Jesus and Jesus to become me, that we become indistinguishably one. I have a long way to go, but now that I am clothed in Christ, and He is within me, it will not be long now before the eyes of the world will finally be open.