The Father’s Glory

I am Grace. Peace is with me. Christ has lowered Himself to me, though I do not deserve it, for I am indeed the least of all because the Lord revealed that I am the least deserving of this Gift, no one deserves it. I have been completely emptied and I know nothing else but Christ.  With that comes His Glory – His Awesome Glory – For Christ to become me and myself become him, this is truly my deepest and greatest desire, words cannot convey His Gaze into me and the Lord has indeed done so, continues to do so, and will always do so until the Day.

To the world from the Almighty Father:  “Were it that you were all united, even in your wretchedness, you would be living in an utopia, but your division, your sin, causes you to fall again and again.  Even such a world, should it ever exist, created by man would only serve to glorify man, therefore how much more will I give you and Glorify Myself when I lower down to you My New Jerusalem!”