Crashing on your shore

In every inkling that shines through
Wrapped in love adorned with gold meant for you
A gift of truth to crack the shackles free
Comes to everyone but will you receive?

I felt my heart tumble after you
Wondering if the song you hear is true
Can you sing the tune only known to you
For those who are supposed to know too

My spiritual life is my own
Formed by Angels
And the Lord
Now I’ve grown
Was shown how to live
According to Love
So as to not shove
When one only needs a nudge

I break most of the rules
By my very existence and my tools
Never following any human doctrine
Hate teachings meant to benefit only the top

What I have done is simply flow rivers of love
Into your wide ocean carrying life and joy
Swirling with the salt of your tears
Taking journeys over thousands of years

A day will soon pass
Seconds only remain
Singing only the refrain
No more disdain

Delight in the love
Even when surrounded
By darkness and hate
Jealousy and those irate

Alone love can do any wonder
In groups it can change nations asunder
And waves
Crashing on your shore
Listening in between
For the secrets she delights
Softly in the lights

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