I let my mind drift in your direction
Awestruck by your love and affection
More love and blessings to you be given
Though I have the power of God times Seven

Would you remind me of why yours came to be?
Show me your affection so envied by the sea
Charitable my love is one of the forms to be
But also philia which is one I seek from thee

Nobody’s hopes come without love in store
Work the to and and fro like waves on the shore
Eventually revealing oceans secrets galore
Never resorting to anything that leads to gore

What you do to and for others matters most
Just as what we do that Eucharistic Host
Got in mind a secret to be revealed
That the fate of the world is actually sealed

Put your hand on my heart and feel it’s beats
To every word you say it in feats
It will change it’s pace to quicken or deepen
It’s by love that I will be reaping

Can’t get enough of your love like flowers
No matter how it comes in showers
Sway my heart toward your own
I like the feeling of the love sown

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