Little do you know someone like me
Always in so much pain amidst suffering
Meant to circumvent
A certain catastrophic event

In so many I meet do I find the love I seek
But I am also in search for the ones who do not
To show them that the Light of God is simply Love
To shed it on others despite who they are

You want me to dance with you
Then come to me if you can find me
I am hidden on purpose
Want you to respond on all channels

I can feel the heartbeats far away
Matching mine I wonder if the moment was said
Tell me I am dreaming as I swirl in the light
You take my breath away most days to my delight

Why does it have to be the way it is now?
Your songs are luring me down
From where I am in Heaven so high
Nobody to bring me down, so sigh

So here I am alive and well
Don’t care anymore what anyone might say
If I shed my blood once again to save
The ones who tread death like water and fire

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