What you want from me is love
And I love that you love to love
Makes me want to dance again
Like I cast away my cares to refrain

Found you and knew it was you
But the oil change was just a chance for you
For you to get a chance to see
Love incarnate like a broken tree

Broken by the forces over it
But roots that are deep like where I sit
I know you also do not see what I write
But know that with me we would not fight

Peace flows from this heart like a river brings
That my children love others and their siblings
My fruits are of every nature
Three kinds and they will always love her

The ebb and flow of the push and pull give you
Just do not let go of me when you do
Back and forth I hope you pull me close
Enough for a kiss to be a just a small dose

A dose of good kindness and basic delivery
Vulnerability in turn for immortality
But what is a kiss without love intwined
That even a stolen kiss could actually bind?

With every kiss comes with an entrance
Into my heart a Heaven that has no fence
What you give I give back ten fold
But in every way I am left in the cold

So warm me up with your soothing fire
My Father lets it so transpire
Because He can see right through
And Know in my heart so true

Sometimes I let my heartstrings stray
Like tiny tendrils of light that say
Words of love like the only God I know
And to the proud of heart they toss to and fro

Alas, Love will always love you
I am not done with you
Could keep you alive with the kiss of Christ
And with my tears bring resurrection not a heist

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