Fortune favouring the bold is a lie
People still steal, cheat, kill, and lie
My warning shot above their heads
But their lack of fear was in their heads

The Spirit moves and works in many ways
You do not understand His plays
He has kept me safe all these long years
Confided in me with His heavenly tears

I reached out only as far as a branch
Only to realize I have carte blanche
Won by the sacrifices made out of love for you
I choose love, over all through and through

With my staff now gone from me
I seem to have corrupted my journey
Thinking I could go at it alone
I certainly do not have a clone

So while your sentiment brings hope
I am at the end of my rope
Knowing now my span is very short
For evil has already started to cohort

Know and understand this times ten
The Lord allows much to happen
He wills your own love to bring fruit
But allows any selfish gains to take root

So cascade the truth toward the skies
To love thy neighbour, hear their cries
My cry is old and deep with sorrow
Of which you can either convey or borrow

The truth is that a shepherd is a shepherd
When His flock follows his word
So I went searching for the lost
And found you at a tremendous cost

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