Not once did she show me she cared
Set on her pedestal, time she never spared
I gave her all the gifts I could give
She raked them all into a sieve

Do not know what she loves or not
Leaves me feeling somewhat distraught
But my love forgives anything
So grudges are not even a thing

Where does your love go when you are gone?
What words of glory shine love from above?

I felt a shift in everyone’s thoughts
Like something fundamental changed
And no one was wise enough to notice
Wisdom confounded them in their place

Drew them all out into a court
And set them all ablaze to cohort
Oh, like sheep being led
To green pastures and well fed

I am no longer like a sheep as I once led
Was never given the full reigns instead
I was sacrificed, forgotten, and dead
But just like Him I rose from the dead

New life within me
A Fire burning brightly
Time continues to tell
The dead leave behind a smell

It was not me who did these things
My unworthiness did not clip any wings
Soaring above the cosmos on God I rely
Where every message is one of love to defy

Truth is, not everyone who dies is taken
On matters of love have left me shaken
The depth and breadth of God’s love for you
What He does and did for you and always will do

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