Rocky Ground

Here I am standing on rocky ground
Wondering at the trees
That landed their seed
Quickly they sprouted up
And the roots that embraced the stone
Stood tall and strong for years to come
For every undertaking is an exception
A light and beacon for every nation
For the stone I embraced
Is the cornerstone of the Church
Quickly I was raised up from dying
My life needs not any prying
Now that some have nested in my branches
Others want to burn what I grew with care
But what they do not realize is
I am already on fire with the Flame of Fire
Just because I am silent now
Does not mean the fire will not burn hot
The longer the silence the grander the heat
As I stoke the Flame of Fire
To spread so wild, I am ready
So from my hands come a blessing not a curse
My intentions and my prayers in constant alignment
I breached the walls of hate with Love
And now I can see truth simply
I am like a tree of knowledge
On fire without any burning
While the world is turning
A fiery breath that consumes all evil
Watch and learn what the God of Love will do
And many wondering at what good it will do
Not just words when they themselves consume

Who I am and who I keep hidden away
Are one and the same being
I need not anyone to tell me anything
For I saturate my mind in His Everything
And at once a portent appears every time
Access to the heavenly courts and His throne
Living before all of Heaven and Earth and Hell
What you will see is the end to come
But with every end there is a new beginning
I am here to witness the end
And usher in the new beginning

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