My heart it truly burns
For that which every heart yearns
It is always on fire One Fire
Can feel it in others that wild wild Fire
Brimming in every action that was given

It presents as a flicker of a flame
While it grows and was never a game
The dream of love never fades
Rather it explodes into an array
Of the most amazing gifts ever seen

Spread out before me every Gift He gave
Asking me to choose any for myself to save
I looked at Him and said, I only choose You
For it was You who gave His life that is true
Tears filled my core so I kissed Him

Most would never understand my wish
I wanted to be Him, that awesome Divine Fish
So He gave me Himself and I received
Now people think I have been deceived
In truth, He gave me every Gift in the book

If my words do not convey truth of love
It reprimands those actions against the Dove
I am on fire in case you touch me
Spreading that cleansing fire like a burning tree
But like the bush before Moses the Fire did not consume

Truth is, you have forgotten Christ and His Gift
As a result, you have created a rift
Misunderstood the reason for the procession
And filled the Mass with obsession
Remember, it was down to the foundations

The foundations laid bare and in the tomb
I plead for love, for mercy, not for doom
Plain and simple, God is the creator
Everybody knows that Christ’s love is far greater
Than the tomb that you yourselves have created

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