Who am I that I believe in God?
I tried but to no avail
Hearts are hard
But some are soft

Among those we love
There are those who
Live to destroy works of God
So I beg God for forgiveness on their behalf

For the evil that they do is because in large part
They have been gravely deceived by Satan
Take a look around, Christmas all around
But no creche or baby Jesus to be seen

You hide the reason for the season
Replaced with a suspicious representation
Breaking children’s hearts across the globe
Forcing then to believe in lies

I rebuke Santa and Satan in the name of Jesus
For they are hiding in plain sight
No one questions it and you defend them
Remember what I told you about the little ones


Just wanted to say
On this wondrous day
That I love you immensly
So I love you intensely
While all of Heaven rejoices
Over our redemptive choices
Today our Saviour is born
Do not be forlorn
This love lasts forever
This love please do not sever
So in your own hearts you will find
Love from Christ which He will bind
To yourself for eternity
A deified fraternity