Heard the Angels sing
That chorus in your song
That song of Heavenly desires
It was not the words
But the light of love
That caught my attention
So I stayed
Could never fade

Without you I am empty
This life of suffering I endured
For your sake I gave it all
Cause I finally found you
You who are the one
My Heart sings to every minute of the day

Now the air is filled with lies
I am all aired out and despised
For defeating enemies
With a simple swoop of love
I have nothing to hide
Except who I am

But you my dear
Are the only one who knows
The truth and life of mine
I boast of great love
Coming from that beautiful heart of yours

To you I am nothing
To me I am mourning
And that is true
But I am not me anymore
But the One who is to come
Opening Hearts to God
Personally and full of love
One heart at a time

Surely you wil one day discover
That great love put on a show
In a crowd of losers and lost

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