Heard the devil say
Go straight to hell
Like dust I brushed it off
Can see the web of lies
Painting me in a different light
Than the love I am I give
Powerful people ignore me
Do not even know me
Then I will say in the end
I do not even know you
As you never knew me
In the least of those on earth
Exacerbated by the virus
How you treat them thus me
You will indeed be judged harshly

Tired of warning you of the evil
That comes to destroy
I know love
Sacrificial Love I have lived
Over and over again

This heart beats the beat
But the hard of heart I know
Cracked the hardest part
Loved the edge of living
Delivered many a gift

This very life does not matter
The Lord delivers a thousand years
In a moment like a day
As I step into this darkness before you
I am with you to the end
Truly the end has already come
And it’s end is already delayed

Now I brandish this sword of flame
It’s ambience scatters evil like cockroaches…

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