Bad Omen

My hope is in the Lord
My life is always His
He opened my eyes and heart
To see the lies that start

So I begged for forgiveness
Received it with acceptance
For that is who I am
Truly goodness always

My behaviour is selfish
Because I have no one to turn to
So I let go of my life
And let the Lord lead

True to His word
Deliverance is not absurd
He gave me His blessing
And showered me with gifts like he said

Thus I shared this gift
Jealousy and hate ensued
Tore me to pieces
And left me for dead

I bring tidings of bad omen
That your sins against God are great
You ignored and shunned His prophets
Stifling His word is bad

He will stifle you back
And He has
This is just the beginning
If you do not repent

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