In Store

Love begets love so look and see
A new kind of love for you and me
Like a father’s love for his children
What will you say then?

As a Father I stooped down so low
So as to experience the same love in tow
To experience such rejection in times like this
We are all grappling with it all as you and I miss

I felt the hunger for this love you wield
But you hold so much back and bear a shield
I wonder if I should even bother anymore
Who knows for losers like me what’s in store


I pick a pleasant tune
And tune myself and everything out
Tuning into their love
But sometimes longing

Felt the dreams of others
Ignored my own dreams of course
Judged because I have nothing
For I gave it all away including my life

For love, for peace, for joy
And as a result I now have all three
Living the life of love and no violence
Teaching it to others by example

Never uttering a word I am silent
While I turn my other cheek
But if angered by an atrocity
Never raise a hand against

If acted against by any evil
The Holy Spirit steps in and intervenes
Maintaining peace and joy and love
Thus never doubting of His Love

In Store

Before you wake from your slumber
I am already engaged in battle, not dumber
My silence is not rejection
Despite my depression

I fight in the echoes of my own screams
Almost like going berserk it seems
But you know what is great
Before you know it you’re at the Gate

As one of the few who ascended His Mountain
And drank from His Holy Fountain
I have revealed much already so far
And want to do so from afar

My Lord laid low that mountain pass
Now His eye is on that ceiling made of glass
About to break the status quo
Makes you wonder what’s in store though


Sadness comes like a wave of sorrow
In light of what I saw tomorrow
Your future is not etched in stone or gold
There is still a chance be told

But with every wave of sadness that comes
There is always hope like the beat of drums
Off in the distance like a beacon He comes
Already here, you are reading only crumbs

So where is He that you need to see?
When the hope of salvation is Christ within to be
Our guiding light and salvation, you read
To be closer to the light like a spouted seed


Had another dream and you were in it
Felt your heart beat the same as mine
Synchronized our love for each other
And was immersed in a sea sublime

Been there and back again to save
The best for last I am there to rave
Making my heart leap and race
In anticipation of love’s twist and reign

Love Awakens

I can hear my own heart calling out
Turning it into a shout
Hear the echo to remember
Love has awakened hearts in slumber

I stir the skies with my finger
And people wonder, why linger?
Your defiance is just as strong
Taking with you an entire throng

All I ask and have asked for is love
Immersed myself in it and turned into a dove
So give the greatest gift you have been given
Love to get even


When she looked at my soul I knew she could see
Me as I really am
To another I did not as she could not see, so why?
Just as shining a light in a blind person’s eye does nothing
In none I could confide
I turned to music to feel love
Returned the love in lyric and form
Was rejected by isolation and ignorance
Now I have everything and nothing
The world in the palm of my hands
So I shake it like a snow globe
And say, Wake up!


At twilight my eyes blaze with fire
At night that fire lights my way
At midnight there you are waiting
And in the morning I wake like the sun

I feel your love no matter how far
I feel we are entangled
Entangled in love of all kinds
With all distortions cast away

What remains is a blessing
Something for certain a conviction
Convinced in Love’s saving power under grace
Grace I have long lost myself in


I felt your heart leap just the same
Made clear it was not a game
What I meant was for real
Feeling billions of feelings is for real

So forgive me if I remain emotionless
Whilst the feelings of others wash over me no less
Like a cold waterfall shower after a spring rain
There is no way this heart can refrain

From loving you and your fantastic brain
To being rejected on a train
I know how it feels so hear me out
Loving you is something I would shout

Love with Awe

I looked in the mirror and saw only Him
He has filled my heart up to the brim
Feel it pour over as I empty it here
Newfound love as seen by a seer

For I see and I looked with awe
At the vulnerability He became and I saw
Miracle after miracle occurring all around me
Without ever looking back, I see

Love is what brings us together
Love protects the innocent
Love is never violent
Where Love is, there We will be


Fire in my eyes
Consuming everything that burns
Left feeling dejected by my own
Because I have to fight to survive

The world is meant to be in harmony
Unity in suffering and joy
Together we can save others
The ones that reject Him and His Love

I revealed myself many times
Now I am hidden from your eyes
As I stand before God and All People
Mediating the devastation that comes

Peaceful Heaven

I have peace wherever I go
I project that peace to those I choose
Whether it is received is another matter
So many hearts are closed I found

Tell me by your actions
That you love me
Feel me and my pain
For I have become Him

He never came out of the wilderness or darkness
But entered into it from the divine Light
He shines His love eternally on His loved ones
Filling them with ultimate Power from on high

So I implore you
Beseech you
Reveal this revelation
To the whole world

In a world that revolves around the media
With money powering the revolution
Any word from this mouth is muffled
By those who disbelieve and hate with jealousy

No one is willing to risk their own beliefs
For something much better
A way to live according to love in Heaven
To discover that you have been redeemed


I kindled that fire that you burn with
The powers that be are really no myth
Fire in the sky and I do not lie
Fix the beat with love and fly

The drone of your beat and bass
Fills my head with love and space
To let the love back in to be
Everything you wanted see?

Amidst the Fray

Sing for me as you make room to adorn
For to us our Lord and Saviour is born
In our hearts to stay
Even amidst the fray
As a precious child He comes to us all
Most vulnerable He becomes before He would fall

In our place He has stood, sat, knelt, and prayed
In our place He gives us Himself against the blade
In our place He died on the Cross to our dismay
In our place He descended into Hell to the very last day
In our place He takes with us our very last breath
In our place He rose from the dead and destroyed Death

Present Moment

Nobody looks back into the past
Trying to see where they are going into the future
Those that do are heading to death
For death is in the past and life is in the present

The present moment we all perceive
The moment smaller than a fraction
The moment that is alive and ever changing
The moment that is the same for all creatures

It is in the moment we exist to love
Leaving behind a trail of our existence
Like ancient gods come back to life
Leaving legacies behind, with only a short stay

But when we leave we always promise to return
Bringing with us our present moment
Witnessing the discovery of the gifts
Left behind for those many thousands of years from now

Seeing into the future but understanding the past
Is the way to live in the present moment
But the direction you are going must always be
Towards the Living Christ presently within thee

To travel within is meditation for another
Where you go impacts and can traumatize
If the direction you are going is toward death
Follow Him who is, was, and forever will be God

For He defeated death
Behind that door is Himself
And Him is who you will first meet
Face to face before you are judged
Then the decision is yours
Get up and live for Him
Or die and leave with Him
To your final judgement
Which has the greater reward and life?


What I deliver in terms of words and wisdom
Are imparted with love never in question
One could say I have mastered Love
Yet the wisdom of the age prefers the sage

At a loss at at what will transpire
With my heart strengthened by Fire
Countless times I have left and returned
Wondering when you will have turned

Just Us

Today it is just Us Three
No interference
Surrounded by family
With Love beaming
And Love forgiving
I love the beauty of God’s Children
Believing in their freedom
I am still wondering how to save them
Go back in for them one at a time
Or free them all at once
Back to square one again
Except all that remains would be
Those who live according to Love
What method must I always fight with
To bring truth to the forefront of your mind?

Gave Up

I gave up on everyone and myself
Put everything I care about up on a shelf
Only to die several times
And then keep coming back with more rhymes

I gave up because I know something I should not
Endured what was never meant to be but a shot
At something better and good
Always for the poor as it should

But the human powers that be
Want it to never be
Because it breaks the status quo
I gave up on my own life with nothing to show

So for whatever purpose this serves
It ends up racking my nerves
For it’s very own plight
Is completely out of my sight


Solitude gives me peace
For in every person I am near
I can see deep into their souls
See and experience their pain and joy
I look at them with the intent in my eye
To love them completely
And at their complete disposal I am
As I do this for anyone and they know it
Some mistake it for something else though
And shatter any inkling of who I am
Which brings me back to solitude
Solitude with God as He is everywhere and always
So in His company I thrive and grow
Safe from all harm as I am like a child
Protected like the pupil of His eye


Take a look at what has been happening as of late to see Mother Nature unleash in her turmoil wrath as was foretold and it only gets worse.

Never Surmise

One thing for sure is
If you trust and love the Lord He will be with you
Always, I have said from the beginning
Your love makes my heart ring

So when it fails all I can think of is
Not enough believe and know of this
That if this body die, and I will someday
I will be taken up body and soul

I know because it happened before
It was Christ Jesus who was first raised from the dead
My immortality is not of my own accord
But of Christ within me, wait and see

But until then, I write while being attacked
Left and right, no defence against
Like a sitting duck, taking the blows instead of you
I love you, so why else would I?

I will endure every suffering that is thrown
For your sakes always because as witnesses you are known
As the wrath of God unfolds before your very eyes
The storms are just the beginning, I never surmise