DALL·E 2022-08-01 15.54.47 - a very beautiful digital art of the rest of the train

In some way I hope to frighten you
Not to scare you into pieces
But to shatter the illusion
What you see is like a dream
We are but dust in the wind
The truth of reality always fleeting
Since Jesus is the doorway to Eternal Life
There are all kinds of different lovely people
That never understood the truth and the deal
One must be united with Him on His Cross
Before death occurs and this is just the start
For I have tasted death more than once
Yet I live to love and give myself for all
He was me when I died
I was Him when He died
It felt weird to me, but understood it was real
I cannot explain it any more than that
It was something He did, not me
I accepted everything and gave Him permission
Now I am immortal with every love to hope to give
Resurrected in Christ before the final one for sure
What is in my hands now is the entire world
An Understanding of His Kingdom come
I choose to care for them and love them
More than any material thing
I say this over and over in one way or another
My sacrifices not in vain
I never missed the train

Peace and Love

Eternally Grateful

She is clothed with the Sun
Symbolic of the victory of her Son
Over death and evil is her victory
May very well seem contradictory
But their Two Hearts are One
United unto everything they won
The answer is simple in your heart
You must begin to love at the start
Do not be afraid of love as it is kind
Strong enough to break any bind
So I bound myself to love in every way
With every touch, whisper, and anything I say
His Love is stronger than anything
It was what bound me to this ring
I no longer dream of the future
As it is already here with His power
What you think you know, you do not
However it feels like some onslaught
To be taken away from me what I sought
And found with no merit to what was taught

But the victory that is won is disregarded
The redemptive vessel discarded
Her patience bears a resemblance to that Stone
Just like that Foundation that should have shone
Dare I say what she does next out of love
I guarantee she is filled with the Spirit of the Dove
So my love for her never wanes
Never played any of those silly games
Though I was the one discarded
My Lord picked me up and my heart He guarded
Now my life is eternal with my infinite thanks to Him

Show Business

DALL·E 2022-08-01 21.05.44 - Fill in the negative space with the rest of the cityscape

Show business is all a lie
Fantasy riddled moving pictures
Depicting false dreams of reality
The desire to believe is real

It helps to convey a message
To reach billions in an instant
But they are with the wrong message
Leading them to perdition in every way

Their ability to roll out lies like crazy
Leaves me feeling kind of hazy
Their riches and their wealth as a result
Will crumble to dust as we speak

Escape from this reality using things
Will leave you empty and strung up by strings
Enter into holiness by the Way of Him
To die with Him in awe of His Love

Easier said than done I have said
But what graces are given to the dead?
To walk past the lies with no contempt
To love someone that is not to tempt

Felt the pain and saw the stains
Tired of the ultimatums against faith
Did you not know?
Testing God voids faith


Not once did she show me she cared
Set on her pedestal, time she never spared
I gave her all the gifts I could give
She raked them all into a sieve

Do not know what she loves or not
Leaves me feeling somewhat distraught
But my love forgives anything
So grudges are not even a thing

Where does your love go when you are gone?
What words of glory shine love from above?

I felt a shift in everyone’s thoughts
Like something fundamental changed
And no one was wise enough to notice
Wisdom confounded them in their place

Drew them all out into a court
And set them all ablaze to cohort
Oh, like sheep being led
To green pastures and well fed

I am no longer like a sheep as I once led
Was never given the full reigns instead
I was sacrificed, forgotten, and dead
But just like Him I rose from the dead

New life within me
A Fire burning brightly
Time continues to tell
The dead leave behind a smell

It was not me who did these things
My unworthiness did not clip any wings
Soaring above the cosmos on God I rely
Where every message is one of love to defy

Truth is, not everyone who dies is taken
On matters of love have left me shaken
The depth and breadth of God’s love for you
What He does and did for you and always will do

True Beat

The beat of your song was certainly true
To what beats are supposed to do
Match my heartbeat when I think of you
Oh the things I will do for you
Sing for me, what else can you do?

Hearts align to orbit each other
Heading in one direction guided by our Mother
I started this Fire but this one you cannot smother
To start one must forgive their sister and brother
Let forgiveness flow one after another

Now I tear up and cry out in pain
I cannot believe this is happening again
Too many are full of disdain
I have the power to command the rain
And by grace can abstain

My hand is not raised up against you
I love you too much through and through
So I love you in silence feeling blue
Leave you alone as wanted by you
You could could say I always knew

The Poor

Never before has it been what it should be
Without the need for financial intervention
Felt everything being put on ice
Don’t need any financial advice

Give it all away, I say
But when I’ve got nothing
What can you do or say?
I am always in need

Cannot say any more than this
Cannot stand what capitalism does
Torn about what benefits it outdoes
But they leave the poor behind in the dust

Cannot say it enough
They have got it rough
Especially when they are out of touch
With what you all fabricate online

Heart’s Delight

She wandered past forgiveness
Saying she will never forget
She put everything in doubt
When it came time to collect

I felt her trail go cold
I was not strong enough to be bold
Loving her is all I can do
Expecting nothing in return

So I withdraw for loneliness to set in
Alone with my thoughts gone wild
Surely there is more to this no doubt
Patience has come so I wait

Hey, I say to you, are you awake?
Listen to all of what I have had to say
Goodness comes to those who pray
I filed it all away

Now I live according to the Resurrection
He has my genuflection
My heart always set on Him and His Love
Ready to distribute it to His will

Are you ready to receive Our Heart’s delight?


Naturally I look in your eyes
Instantly butterflies
Such an effect of love that’s true
Just wanting to be with you

Should I overstep my bounds
Know it was because of the hounds
After me and shockingly trying to kill me
That part I do not want you to see

Understand that I am under His Power
That I can kill or bloom the flower
His intentions have become my own
From the seeds of love that were sown

I see thousands of trees and their fruit
Acknowledge the gifts given and their flute
No matter how hard or wrong things get
In my heart my Love to God is set

Delight Alright

My heart and my soul are saved by Him
To be that which you need me to be
To live to love accordingly

My fingers try to scribe troubling rhymes
Brandishing my sword of words
All the while listening to the birds

My feet humbly walk with my God
Taking me places I have never been
Delighting my eyes in everything seen

But when I write of the things of Heaven
Left feeling alone and dejected for it
The disbelief measurable as contempt

Felt a surge of Love meant to be for you
A gift for the masses and His delight alright
Oh, He is gonna set things right

Every Sense

My senses become more lively
When you are around me closely
Where my eyes can capture the light
That reflects off your beautiful face so bright

Then comes your perfume, your scent
A cause to heavenly ascent
But then you touch my skin
Every bit as pure as purity comes within

Should you speak and your voice carry over
Tickle my ears with your sound over and over
Where I delight is the swirl of love you create
When even surrounded by the godless and irate

My mind on the brink of madness
My heart wrenched in sadness
Full of love not contempt
For what is good and exempt

I delight in the gifts from the Lord
Never having ever drawn the sword
But you have drawn me out like one
For love at all costs I will defend


Drowned my senses in the noise
Dulled the pain that destroys
Verily, I say to you
I will never run you through

Living under a certain kind of power
Which is greater than any Tower
I decide to do good every day
Which includes sacrificing to my own dismay

So let me bleed on the ground
And be nailed to the cross so profound
You do not understand the gain
If your inclination is to sustain the pain

What I see is beyond anything you will ever know
Beyond the cosmos wrapped in a mysterious glow
So I see you set in your human ways
And give you my life again for saves

See, I see you in your pain you hide so well
I am saying there is no such thing to tell
So I let most happen without notice
And give you a gift of a lotus

Broken Seal

I thank you for your attention
Letting me lead your Ascension
For what I see is not what you think is real
That in my hands is a broken seal
This power is unmistakeable
And not some fairy tale fable

This seal that I write of
Is one from up on above
For once it broke
It unleashed what I awoke
So hold fast to what is true
Which is Christ in you


Surely the Sun is not as bright
As the King of kings, my flight
I took off like a bat
No matter where I sat

I dream of you while awake
Right next to a clear lake
I feel your pain and your loss
Do not forget the Cross

For I fight and I fight for Love to be
The foundation of the world, see?
So something has to give soon
It will be your impending doom

If what you do
Divides instead of unites


Matters not where I sit on Earth
I am here for a rebirth
To change the world for the better
What must transpire without the letter
In the place where we sit
Where Zion is it

So I make my home here with Love
As a gift to pay homage to the Dove
Here I am, come get me if you can
If what I ignite
Is not a fair fight

I defy the rules because they are not Law
Imagine what it was that I saw
When I walked straight through Hell
Without a scratch or a yell

So that my strength doesn’t wane
I give it to Him all the same
Did you know I honour Him with my very life?
Transcribing His inklings with so much strife
Could not do it without Him
As my cup is filled to the brim

Rocky Ground

Here I am standing on rocky ground
Wondering at the trees
That landed their seed
Quickly they sprouted up
And the roots that embraced the stone
Stood tall and strong for years to come
For every undertaking is an exception
A light and beacon for every nation
For the stone I embraced
Is the cornerstone of the Church
Quickly I was raised up from dying
My life needs not any prying
Now that some have nested in my branches
Others want to burn what I grew with care
But what they do not realize is
I am already on fire with the Flame of Fire
Just because I am silent now
Does not mean the fire will not burn hot
The longer the silence the grander the heat
As I stoke the Flame of Fire
To spread so wild, I am ready
So from my hands come a blessing not a curse
My intentions and my prayers in constant alignment
I breached the walls of hate with Love
And now I can see truth simply
I am like a tree of knowledge
On fire without any burning
While the world is turning
A fiery breath that consumes all evil
Watch and learn what the God of Love will do
And many wondering at what good it will do
Not just words when they themselves consume

Who I am and who I keep hidden away
Are one and the same being
I need not anyone to tell me anything
For I saturate my mind in His Everything
And at once a portent appears every time
Access to the heavenly courts and His throne
Living before all of Heaven and Earth and Hell
What you will see is the end to come
But with every end there is a new beginning
I am here to witness the end
And usher in the new beginning


My heart it truly burns
For that which every heart yearns
It is always on fire One Fire
Can feel it in others that wild wild Fire
Brimming in every action that was given

It presents as a flicker of a flame
While it grows and was never a game
The dream of love never fades
Rather it explodes into an array
Of the most amazing gifts ever seen

Spread out before me every Gift He gave
Asking me to choose any for myself to save
I looked at Him and said, I only choose You
For it was You who gave His life that is true
Tears filled my core so I kissed Him

Most would never understand my wish
I wanted to be Him, that awesome Divine Fish
So He gave me Himself and I received
Now people think I have been deceived
In truth, He gave me every Gift in the book

If my words do not convey truth of love
It reprimands those actions against the Dove
I am on fire in case you touch me
Spreading that cleansing fire like a burning tree
But like the bush before Moses the Fire did not consume

Truth is, you have forgotten Christ and His Gift
As a result, you have created a rift
Misunderstood the reason for the procession
And filled the Mass with obsession
Remember, it was down to the foundations

The foundations laid bare and in the tomb
I plead for love, for mercy, not for doom
Plain and simple, God is the creator
Everybody knows that Christ’s love is far greater
Than the tomb that you yourselves have created


My tears turned the dust into mud
My fears mixed it all with blood
Spilled in the name of God
When it was to love you were called

I raised my hand to halt before you
My warning remained to be true
Now I call you to lay down your arms
And never rely on charms

But your unrelenting force of hate
Will never defeat the Spirit’s love as of late
It’s certain power is with the masses
Never mind that I wear glasses

I gave it all over to them everything
All the powers and the glory now come
To those who are made worthy by Him
Worthiness obtained for free, ignoring sin

What you do with it while in your hands
Determines your fate amidst God’s plans
Agape is the answer you seek
But first learn to walk before you can speak

Better Story

Wish I had a better story to tell
While I tried to run away, I fell
It has been years since I received You
Knowing in my heart You never left me too

Time for me to step up and take my staff
Make my journey back to You to love and laugh
The time has come for me to leave soon
Living under God’s Light yearning to loom

Would You walk with me cause I cannot run
Do not mean to take away the fun
Just wondering is all Your presence soothes me
My pain is great and I do believe in Thee