Told you the truth from behind a veil
Which filtered the part of pain that would pale
Allowing me to save you from the horror
By bearing the Cross of the Restorer

The culmination of the love and mercy
Has me pleading from the depths and urgency
It is in the silence I will endure the fight
Until my death echoes in the night

But not until things have been set right
For many are still in quite a plight
As you plundered my heart of all the riches
But I still have the treasure, bitches

Bear It All

Let me bear the pain and the sorrow
Let me bear the disease of tomorrow
Let me bear your lies and hate
Surely to this end I know your fate

Nothing can take away this love and feeling
Breaking free from those who are shackling
So now I am learning from God alone yet daily
What I now know you would not believe plainly

Some would say that this is the diseases talking
If it had a voice would you not be listening?
But this voice I have has not been heard
This way is the only way that is not absurd

Over the years I gently warned you all
Of the pending doom and fall
Now on the precipice of the final call
Let us hope that you are now standing tall

To the end I will have survived
Every time I will be revived
So let love reign in your heart and see
We are nothing without it to forever be


I squeeze out of my very own heart
As much as I can give to start
The beats get heavier and worn
Not this time am I forlorn
With a deep sigh of love on my forehead
I give my hope and peace to you instead
For I want to blame someone for what is wrong
When instead I should be with you in song

Deepest Pain

I hear and feel your deepest pain
Of loneliness and fear and disdain
Tearing me up inside and out
There is nothing here to flout

Having seen the future beyond what you predict
Those raised from the dead spilling the secret
Granted certain powers never before seen
A new way of living in union we have been

My sword has cut deep and wide
Has me censored from the many, I must confide
But that does nothing to the pure connection
I have between my God and His invention

Love kindles kindness and joy
The unworthy will cringe at it like some ploy
Become worthy by confessing and repenting
Again and again, my anger I am relenting

Deified with Honour

I can always taste the victory
Having already won the favour and war
There is a beat to every rhyme
There is a rhyme of love to every life
When I honour God I pour myself out
Leaving me nothing but devout
But the world holds all the keys
Except the key to death
The one inevitable thing that they fear
For where do the dead really go
If they are truly gone
If but a forgotten memory
From a time so very empty
How can they be remembered?
Whose memory fulfills their own?
So I have come down to bring this fire
To burn away impurities inside and out
To prove that God will intervene and already has
For who has the key to life beyond death?
Their insatiable desire for immortality without God
They cannot see beyond their own desire
Truth be told, deification has already come
But only to those who are lost, lame, and cast out
The ones you crucified because of hate
For in every life there is love
No excuse to shove
I hiked the mountain of immortality with God
United unto Christ I left a trail of bloody footprints
At the peak I looked around and saw
Many Christs leading and doing the same thing
Hiking the mountain of immortality with God
Now I have spoken of my reality
So I remain hidden for now, expecting
My beliefs are an echo of the future
For the future is that divinity reigns
A certain unshakeable faith to resolve
For the portal to deification is the Cross
So go ahead, crucify me again

Hallowed Sorrow

I am riddled with suffering and pain
And there is something here to gain
But as loneliness settles in
No one cares about who I am within

Drenched in the hallowed sorrow
Over what happens tomorrow
Never got your number as I am all alone
No one to call upon on the phone

My anguish is right here beside me
Bleeding unto those around me
My trembling hands are revealing
A torment whilst I am appealing

My appeal despite this awful pain
Is that you are spared going down the drain
For what I saw was truly horrific
Many lives lost no matter what they pick


The reparations for my protection are given
Off to save more souls, I’m driven
But indeed the wounds rendered are deep
So much so I cannot even sleep

Day and night are spent fighting for your lives
The Lord foiled every attempt evil contrives
As evidence, still here do I stand in glory
Telling you a hidden and amazing true story

So buckle up as they say
Things are about to go my way
For with every attempt that they try
Recompense comes with my battle cry

For the Lord whispers Wisdom in secret
So that by faith we finally get
An answer to our prayers of peace
Ending the evil to which you are leased


The anger I wield is not not even my own
To the heavens I should have already flown
My might is but a flutter compared to His
So I yield according to what His Power is

So go ahead and disregard the inevitable
According to what you think you are able
Know that goodness will prevail in the end
Only love to you do I sincerely send

When it comes time to understand
The Lord’s Gift of it shall always stand
True love and against the deplorable
Loving what is really and truly adorable

Lesson to Learn

I tried three times to connect with you
My intentions were revealed to be true
Only to be denied and rejected at every turn
Was there some lesson to learn?

With no way to reach you
I cannot say for sure what’s true
But I can shake the earth for attention
Disregarding any indirect connection

This time I will throw in a tsunami
I guess we will have to wait and see
Loss of life and everything
Meant not to be just to be a warning

This blood spilled is but a drop
To reveal there is a one stop shop
Beyond this adverse life
Bringing in healing from strife

If you only knew I had been poisoned
And it had no effect so now I’m imprisoned
But the hatred and the blood of my enemies
Haunt the living through the trees

So let the truth wander in like a King
Filled with the charism beyond the ring
Fed up with the lack of love all around Him
He exiled everyone regardless of any trim

Filled His court with the lame, blind, and lost
Was laughed at because of the enormous cost
But paid it anyway all by myself
Put my bragging rights on the shelf

King of All the Earth

Countries are the epitome of division
A public and agreed upon division
Represented by certain key people
Who decide the fate of their own

But they also host differences in beauty
Their cultures are used to define them
But it goes much deeper than that
For there is a King of all the Earth

A King who is God to rule for all Eternity
Is the kind and loving God Yahweh
But His Words fall short of reaching His people
Blinded by sin they cannot see their end

Reconcile peacefully into one
Instead of conquering with violence and hate
Sacrifice for the greater good
For God has shown you the way


When it comes time to breathe fire
An all consuming fire will transpire
Nobody wants to hear what I have to say
Thus the time is up and on the way
To say goodbye once and for all
To those leaving that caused the fall

Then it will be as it should be
In God’s hands we would see
We are able to do anything we want
And we shall for it will be good to flaunt
For our eyes have seen God’s face
And love is what we chase


You fed me from your nail pierced hand
Nourishing this arid and dry land
I never felt this way before
It is your Love that I adore

So do with me what you please
Guide me with that gentle breeze
Of your Spirit is all I need
Stepping forward by the faith that was once a seed

Ultimate Price

Once again your current ebb and flow
Pulls me around to and fro
Got me thinking about what you do to me
Excited my heart bounced into three
So I reached out and pierced the veil
By the time I reached you, you already set sail
Here I am standing on these distant shores
Together we could have stopped these wars
Living where the sunsets do not disappoint
Such a daunting task I would appoint

So sing for me that catchy refrain
Lighting up those delights of my brain
Tackling those demons we hate
And tying them up so bound to their fate
Wish you would come to me now
And wipe the sweat off by brow
For every demon I fight, I sacrifice
Paying the ultimate price
Living like a saint drowned in darkness
Becoming a beacon of light nonetheless


What the Lord teaches me, I learn
What man tries to teach me, I ignore
Thus I am scorned for what I believe
That We are one with God and in love with you

What they really do not understand is love
They felt it, sure, but to live it is to endure
The worst imaginable hate that proceeds
From the mouths of these losers

Losers because they lost out on the one thing
That could have saved them from certain death
But they hate more than they love
And leave everyone out in the cold

Now what comes from my mouth shall strike
Like a double-edged sword to deliver smite
Not by any of my power but by His wrath
For all those years of ignorance

What I believe and live means nothing to you
You would say that you are through
Take my hand as I love to lead
To a place where it is love you feed

But you pull away with a phobic response
Because of perversion you cannot see beyond
A gesture of lasting love, not sexual in nature
Is what I am always after in you

So let go of your inhibitions and endure
That which is worth the pain and sacrifice
Worth dying for in a death so sweet
Off to an everlasting place to finally meet


Wish that I was free to receive
The Love I desire the most, but I grieve
For my loneliness is my suffering
Not caused by any ring

All I ever wanted was love from anyone
So cold in this loneliness in a heart so One
There is something to your healing touch
Wish you would do as such

For my agony is great and difficult to bear
My hopes are in the love in your prayer
I felt it like the sunrise upon my face
Imparting God’s glory by His grace

I know where I stand amidst the chaos
In such love for you I begin with awes
Transcribing these inscriptions found
Upon my heart so as to resound

Candid Warning

Once again I am in so much pain
Living in a place where there can be no rain
I am up before the early hours in the morning
Before issuing a candid warning

Always going on adventures as a child
But does it really ever stop, so wild
Not just imagination but reality in translation
Living a thousand lives in a day, in a year a nation

Able to span through time like a time lord
Settled on a line where I will never draw a sword
Felled only dead trees with my bare hands
Walked even barefoot on many sacred lands

He warned me by flashing Death before my eyes
That the time is upon us as we hear battle cries
Ignored, as I am judged in just a moment
Looking in through time I can see my ascent

Onward and upward toward Heaven I went
All that is Good is available for free, no rent
And goodness is first and second nature
Nothing to do with legislature

Believe in God

The problem with the world today is they believe in the wrong things that misdirect them away from God.

These things that mislead them are simply not from God. One thing from God that I have learned over the years is that the Lord is indeed merciful and bestows grace upon grace upon us, grace leads us and we follow Him. Warning to you, grace is given freely and you must accept it, however grace like this doesn’t last forever unless given this way. We are in a sea of grace, yet we still war with each other and kill. The Lord will have none of that.


Before she fell she could see the dead
Brushed it off over the years, it was said
And was given a permanent grace for life
With the promise of Heaven on Earth and no strife

No time to waste, she was overwhelmed by grace
Cracked the foundation that was laid in place
When she fell to her knees in adoration
She became hallowed ground for Deification

The grace given to me by His power
Is to live forever in Him in union in every hour
And was told my body was going to last
A thousand years so I will still fast

My patience has stretched to infinity
Knowing that He alone is the Trinity
On Earth as it is in Heaven
One Bread One Body no leaven

Love’s Fire

Who am I that I can breathe love like fire?
Love that burning desire
Felt it trickle in as a stream
Now a river it is a dream

See? A river of love on fire for you
Oh that purifying fire will pursue
Until you are enveloped entirely
By the burning sensation ever so gently

If you look deep while you feed
Off your dreams and your seed
You will find the truth simply
That Jesus is the Key

I found the Key and opened a door
Entered it and found a world full of lore
But with one thing in common to see
That the Christ is within you and me

It is a movement of the moment
That love beyond our dreams is meant
To fulfill their destiny only dreamt of
Love coming from Heaven above

I wish for many things that do not come true
Wondering why it is my wish for love is blue
I reached the stars and opened my mind
But my words fell short to remind

I saw a future that will survive
It will be love that will revive
The dead corpses that litter the earth like flies
Will prophesy and from death they will rise

Music fills the air with delight and I relight
The candle of melodies revealing the light
Dancing for joy while with a lover
Wanting more than ever some cover

To infiltrate a world bent on hate
Rejected at every turn I get irate
Revealing the moments required to live
According to the love God will give

Nature’s Wrath

Do not underestimate Nature
She knows your true nature after all
Whether you are evil or good
Is in her knowledge

Where she strikes back for your sins
The scars on her face
A reminder of her own fate
Of when our own beloved star consumes her

Where will you be in those eons that pass by?
Just a memory of the pain you caused
Or living forever in the halls of the gods?
Just remember who is out there among you


I scanned the horizon for your love
Found you standing there with the Dove
Led to be delivered from all evil in time
For this unpopular and ever so lame rhyme

Many opportunities to respond come and gone
Where this light of Christ is shone
Like a beacon shining bright for all to see
Revealing personal love for you and me