This Bloody Body

Still all alone and all by my lonesome
In my heart those strings did you strum
Making me long for you more than I should
Nobody cares if I fade away like I could

Oh so much of this pain cuts so very deep
Knowing full well the whole truth, I weep
So I stand up anyway this bloody body
Amidst all this suffering I embody

Nobody is qualified to help me deal with
The spiritual trauma that’s not a myth
Demons slashing and clawing away non-stop
But somehow in the end I come out on top

Whether they are real or not the trauma is there
I have already fired the flare
Calling for a rescue as I am damaged and old
I am no longer amidst the flock or fold

On the outside and observing the pain
Caused by those in Christ’s name
The same name that raised me from the dead
I was nothing I did or said

I was chosen from among you to suffer for you
With the rewards yet to be revealed and true
So I go out amidst the outcasts and lost
They are so much more valuable than your cost

Lives with wrinkles and tears are heard
Loneliness fears are never dismissed as absurd
In their eyes are sparks of love glittering
To ignite the flames of love they are waiting

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