Addiction is not my problem
I need to numb the pain
The pain you caused
By dismissing what I most readily guarded
My right to reveal
The desperate need
That wants me to feed
What you complain about
Does not compare to this pout
I can drink myself under the table
Yet I can OD and not even feel it
What I have to deal with are not delusions
It is about the right to identity
But being denied at every level possible
Making me believe I should give it up and die away
But I warned it would be like a thief I would come
Ready to crush the world under the weight
While I deflect that which will bring you rest
Not what I want but how else to obtain what is best?
A voice broken and ashamed
Humiliated in public and everything gained
No more coincidences
For the incidences
Not to mention my anger and thirst for vengeance
I have so much to hold this world against
You would not believe the worldwide enterprise
Designed to imprison and enslave amidst the lies

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