Deified with Honour

I can always taste the victory
Having already won the favour and war
There is a beat to every rhyme
There is a rhyme of love to every life
When I honour God I pour myself out
Leaving me nothing but devout
But the world holds all the keys
Except the key to death
The one inevitable thing that they fear
For where do the dead really go
If they are truly gone
If but a forgotten memory
From a time so very empty
How can they be remembered?
Whose memory fulfills their own?
So I have come down to bring this fire
To burn away impurities inside and out
To prove that God will intervene and already has
For who has the key to life beyond death?
Their insatiable desire for immortality without God
They cannot see beyond their own desire
Truth be told, deification has already come
But only to those who are lost, lame, and cast out
The ones you crucified because of hate
For in every life there is love
No excuse to shove
I hiked the mountain of immortality with God
United unto Christ I left a trail of bloody footprints
At the peak I looked around and saw
Many Christs leading and doing the same thing
Hiking the mountain of immortality with God
Now I have spoken of my reality
So I remain hidden for now, expecting
My beliefs are an echo of the future
For the future is that divinity reigns
A certain unshakeable faith to resolve
For the portal to deification is the Cross
So go ahead, crucify me again

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